Welcome to Pack 5's Web Site

Cub Scouting enables 1st through 5th grade boys to learn new things, master new skills and have fun working together with friends and parents. Thanks to Parent Volunteer leadership, our Pack offers challenging and exciting activities that encourage positive growth in Scouts. When a boy progresses in Cub Scouting, his achievements are recognized through rank advancement and ceremonies. Fun is in store for the whole family. If you have any questions or would like to volunteer time as a leader, please contact a Committee Member, the Cubmaster, or your son's Den Leader. Parental participation is key to the success of the Pack and is important in the life of your son as well.

Pack 5 has been chartered by the North and Southampton Reformed Church since Cub Scouting was formed in 1931 and also continuously providing the Cub Scout program for the past 80 years.  Pack 5 is  the oldest pack in Bucks County predating Washington Crossing Council and quite possibly one of the oldest in the country.

Pack 5 is part of the Tamanend District, Washington Crossing Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Like every effective organization, Cub Scout Packs have a structure. The Pack consists of all the Dens and their Families. A Den consists of a small group of boys and their Den Leaders. A Boy Scout, known as a Den Chief, may also work with your son's den. Dens usually meet weekly; most meet on Wednesdays North & Southampton Reformed Church.

Pack 5 as a whole usually meets the third Friday of the month at North & Southampton Reformed Church from 7:30 p.m. to 9:00. The Pack serves as a "parent" organization to the Dens and provides direction, program support and maintenance of the budget. The Cubmaster leads the group in planning and organizing the Pack program.

The Pack Committee consists of volunteer adults who are responsible for managing the pack and its programs. Parents are welcome to volunteer to serve on the committee and attend regular meetings. Meeting dates are shown on the Pack Calendar. The Committee is also responsible for maintaining Pack funds and planning its budget.

Dens are organized by age groups. Boys work toward a specific rank during each year in the Pack:

  • The first rank, Bobcat rank is for all boys who join Cub Scouting.
  • First Grade boys work toward their Tiger Cub Rank.
  • Second grade boys work toward their Wolf Rank.
  • Third grade boys work toward their Bear Rank.
  • Fourth grade boys work on their Webelos rank.
  • Fifth grade boys work on Cub Scouting's highest award, the Arrow of Light.

Parent volunteers are always needed. Registration and training are provided by the Pack for those who are interested in helping. If you'd like to help in any capacity, please contact the Pack Committee Chairman, Cubmaster or your son's Den Leader. All types of help are needed – for specific events, assisting in Den Leader absence, or even becoming a leader yourself!

An essential component of Cub Scouting is the uniform. Cubs are made to feel part of a group and have a place to display their awards when they wear their uniforms. Your Den Leader will provide you with specific information about what is needed.
Pack 5 plans a very busy calendar year. Although we don't expect every boy to attend every function, we encourage him to be as active as he (and his parents) would like to be. Pack outings and special events will be led by leaders and/or parent volunteers.

The Pack Event Calendar is the current calendar of events for Pack 5 for the year. We realize that boys and families have different needs and we've attempted to plan a program that meets as many of those as possible. Announcements of special events and calendar updates will be announced by the Pack 5 EBlast or in an e-mail. If you have suggestions for our program, please let a Leader know.

Monthly Pack Meetings are held to give the boys a chance to enjoy themselves, to come together as a Pack and receive the awards they've earned. The entire family is welcome and encouraged to attend.

Pack 5 and Cub Scout Packs all over the USA celebrate Scouting's birthday each February by hosting a Blue & Gold Banquet. Mark this special date on your calendar and make plans to attend.

When joining Pack 5, each parent or adult family member agrees to support their son in the following ways:

  1. See that he has the proper uniform;
  2. Assist him in attending Den meetings and monthly Pack meetings;
  3. Work with him to complete achievements for his rank award;
  4. Return information forms and permission slips as asked;
  5. Support his Den Leader as a resource person;
  6. Provide input to the Den Leader or Pack leadership with regard to Pack or Den programming.

We at Pack 5 hope that you will join our Pack family for fun, fellowship, and learning the Scouting way.